Scenario Three

A whole class or bubble is closed or a large group of children are self-isolating.

In this case, the whole class will move to online learning as in the summer term 2020.  For this, the following platforms will be used:

  • Early Years & Y1: Tapestry
  • Y2 to Y6: Google Classroom

For help with using Google Classroom, please see the main Home Learning page on our website:

For this scenario, the following will be made available:

  • Weekly Timetables.
  • Work posted daily online for children to complete and feedback given.
  • All work given in line with the home learning guidelines and policy as used previously.
  • Google meet used to provide some face to face contact with older children.
  • Pre-recorded content provided for all classes – eg storytime, lesson explanations.
  • A weekly phone call home from the class teacher to check in.  The teacher will call to speak to both the parent and the child.

In the case of the class teacher being ill, another member of staff will pick up their duties as far as possible, although some of this content may not be possible if this colleague is still in school teaching their own class.

Work from Scenario One can also be accessed in addition to the above.

Should you require paper packs of work, please contact the school office who will be happy to arrange this.