At Hempland we are catered for by Hutchison Catering who offer a range of healthy and nutritious meals to our pupils.

The school menu alternates every 3 weeks and is updated during the year.

School meals for children in KS2 are priced at £2.55 per meal.

The menu can be seen here:

Hempland Primary Autumn/Winter Term  Week 1  WC 4th Sept, 25th Sept, 16th Oct, 13th Nov, 4th Dec, 8th Jan, 29th Feb, 18th Mar

Hempland Primary Autumn/Winter Week 2 WC 11th Sept ,2nd Oct, 23rd Oct, 20th Nov, 11th Dec, 15th Jan, 5th Feb, 4th March 

Hempland Primary Autumn/Winter Term Week 3 WC  18th Sept, 9th Oct, 6th Nov, 27th Nov, 18th Dec,22nd Jan,19th Feb,11th Mar

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Free School Meals

You can apply for free school meals and the Pupil Premium online through the following link: