Residential trips are a memorable and enriching aspect of our school experience. At Hempland, we encourage all of our children to take up the valuable opportunity of a residential trip in Year 5 and in Year 6.  

 In Year 5, our pupils visit Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre, in Cropton forest near Pickering, on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.  Children have the chance to try a wide range of activities that develop their personal skills including the following:

  • Confidence and character
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social and emotional awareness
  • Challenging self and supporting others
  • Environmental awareness
  • Broadened horizons
  • Increased motivation and appetite for learning
  • Personal development

In Year 6, our pupils visit Robinwood Activity Centre at Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden, Lancashire.  Here they have many exciting opportunities to experience with their Y6 classmates and it is a great adventure to have in the last year of primary school.  The 15 activities on offer are well balanced to provide a range experiences:

  • adventure activities
  • themed problem solving 
  • watersports
  • challenges
  • teamwork
  • stimulate the imagination
  • learning opportunities outside a classroom environment 

We hope that these residential trips have a positive impact on our pupil’s wider development and academic outcomes, as well as creating memories that can be cherished for a lifetime!

Year 5 – Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre

Peat Rigg Powerpoint 2023


Peat Rigg Reminder and medical form – 2023

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