Hempland Primary School makes a strong commitment to PE which is evident from the wide range of extra-curricular activities and involvement in a wide range of sports and competitive sports activities.

Use of Sports Funding

Hempland is a member of the East Yorkshire District Partnership and we engage in a wide range of sporting activities led by Archbishop Holgate Secondary School.

Develop Teaching and Learning Aims

  • Development of new long and medium term plans
  • Whole school staff development.
  • Raising the profile of sport in school.

Improve Resources

Whilst we currently have a high level of quality resources we purchase additional resources as necessary so as to extend our provision.

Extend and Maintain Extra-Curricular Activities

The funding will also be used to further our current range of activities by inviting accredited coaches into school to lead after school-clubs e.g. football, rugby, multi-skills, dance and swimming.

Intended outcomes at Hempland

  • Enhance the skills and confidence of staff
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE
  • Enhance participation and enjoyment of PE and Sport within and outside the school day
  • Secure external accreditation for quality of provision in PE
  • Develop a sustainable model for the future.

For information on our PE and Sport Premium Funding, please click the links below.

PE and Sport Premium Impact  2022 – 23

PE and Sport Premium Impact  2021-22

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