Hempland Primary School makes a strong commitment to PE which is evident from the wide range of extra-curricular activities and involvement in a wide range of sports and competitive sports activities.

Use of Sports Funding

Hempland is a member of the East Yorkshire District Partnership and we engage in a wide range of sporting activities led by Archbishop Holgate Secondary School.

Develop Teaching and Learning

We partner with Total Sport who provide specialist PE and Sports teaching two days a week.  As well as organising a number of interschool activities and competitions. Furthermore this includes:

  • Development of new long and medium term plans
  • Working alongside staff to develop
  • Providing support for planning and both formative and summative assessment.
  • Whole school staff development.
  • Providing opportunities to take part in ‘taster sessions’ in sports not available in a primary school.
  • Continually raising the profile of sport in school.

Improve Resources

Whilst we currently have a high level of quality resources we purchase additional resources as necessary so as to extend our provision.

Extend and Maintain Extra-Curricular Activities

The funding will also be used to further our current range of activities by inviting accredited coaches into school to lead after school-clubs e.g. football, rugby, multi-skills, dance and swimming.

Sainsbury’s Gold Mark

We are currently working towards Gold Level on the Sainsbury’s School Games Kitemark which includes various criteria such as providing all pupils with two hours of PE/week and engaging at least 50% of pupils in extra curricular sporting activities every week.

Intended outcomes at Hempland

  • Enhance the skills and confidence of staff
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE
  • Enhance participation and enjoyment of PE and Sport within and outside the school day
  • Secure external accreditation for quality of provision in PE
  • Develop a sustainable model for the future.

For information on our PE and Sport Premium Funding, please click the links below.

PE and Sport Premium Funding 2018-19

PE and Sport Premium Funding 2017-18