At Hempland, we aim for children to have the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to be informed, active, responsible citizens.  Relationship and Health Education are a vital and integral component of the whole curriculum through which we promote children’s personal, social and economic development as well as their health and well being. 

How PSHE links with our school values

Children are taught the importance of respecting themselves and each other. They are taught the value of respecting cultures and beliefs different to their own, as well as being respectful and tolerant of individuals and their differences, including the LGBTQ+ community.
Children have many opportunities to discuss topics that they want to explore. They have the opportunity to take part in PSHE events and awareness days, as well as having visitors in to educate about different aspects of PSHE. Children have the opportunity to attend our Mindfulness club, should they wish to do so.
We hope that our children feel ambitious about trying to tackle the ongoing issues taught within PSHE, for example bullying and equality. We want our children to grow up as strong individuals who can go into the world around them feeling passionate about trying to make the world a better place.
We hope to develop children who value themselves and who grow to have a strong sense of self worth and confidence, always believing in themselves. We want our children to never give up at the first hurdle but to have the resilience to get back up and give things another go.


  • A carefully planned whole school curriculum, based on the Coram Scarf Scheme  promotes progression of PHSE knowledge and skills.   
  • The Coram SCARF Framework  is split into 6 different units:
  1.       Me and My Relationships
  2.       Valuing Difference
  3.       Keeping Myself Safe
  4.       Rights and Responsibilities
  5.       Being my Best
  6.       Growing and Changing
  • Each year group teaches one unit each half term, ensuring coverage and progression.
  • We invite visitors into Hempland to support our PSHE teaching. For example, Sustrans Stay Bright safety day and Barnados.
  • We promote Relationship and Health Education through whole school focus weeks, for example Anti Bullying Week


  • Children will participate in discussions; sharing their thoughts and listening to others and respecting others opinions and values.
  • Children will show real resilience and will understand that getting things wrong is not failing.
  • Children will grow up with an inclusive mindset, respecting themselves and everyone they encounter.
  • Children will work together to create an environment in which everyone feels safe, happy and accepted.
  • Children will be equipped to go into the world with an understanding of how to look after themselves both in relation to their health and mental health.