At Hempland,  we aim to promote the lifelong values of health and physical activity.  Our curriculum is designed to promote the enjoyment of PE through a wide range of sports and activities.  We provide opportunities and experiences for children to be inspired and motivated  to continue to participate in sport and physical activity beyond school.

How PE links with our school values

Children learn to respect their own bodies and minds, as well as those of others while taking part in PE.
Children are all given the opportunity to compete and apply the skills they have learnt both in school and in the wider community.
PE allows children to be ambitious and gives them the skills needed to chase their dreams.  It encourages them to strive to be their best.
All children develop resilience through PE and are encouraged to acheive their personal best and build on this throughout their time at school.


  • We follow the National CUrriculum programmes of study for Key Stage 1 and 2 and EYFS Development Matters for Early Years.
  • A carefully planned whole school PE curriculum, supported by schemes of work from Get Set 4 P.E., ensures a progression of skills and knowledge.
  • Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 are taught PE at least twice a week. Early Years children have at least one session a week and access to their outdoor area daily.
  • Children have swimming lessons in Year 4.
  • Every lunchtime, we build on core physical skills and encourage children to stay active during their break. Children have a wide range of equipment and apparatus to use.
  • We host intra competitions against other classes at Hempland and attend inter competitions against other schools. We like to offer all of our children the chance to compete.
  • Providers such as York Knights, Yorkshire County Cricket and Ignite Sports Coaching support our P.E. teaching.
  • A range of engaging extra curricular clubs enhance our P.E. curriculum.


  • Children will build on and develop the fundamental skills taught in PE.
  • Children will be able to apply the skills learnt and be able to show and adapt these successfully.
  • Children will be able to display our Hempland values in all sporting opportunities.
  • Children will improve their ‘Personal Best’ as they move through school.
  • Children will leave Hempland as physical literate children, with a positive attitude towards PE and Sport.