At Hempland, children have the opportunity to enjoy music as performers, participants and as listeners. We nurture children’s enjoyment and their interest in music by introducing them to a range of traditions and styles and provide all children with the opportunity to sing and play instruments.

How Music links with our school values

Children learn to respect music from different genres and cultures. They are taught to respect the opinions of others in relation to their musical preferences and respect the achievements of composers and musicians both in the past and present day.
Children have the opportunity to explore, play and perform music through lessons and extra curricular sessions. They are given the opportunity to perform within school, to parents, the wider community and on the national stage.
Children are encouraged to form a love for music and develop a motivation to participate in musical activities.  Children are inspired by a wide range of musical opportunities including live performances by professional and competent musicians.
Children are encouraged to practise regularly to improve and perfect their performance skills.  Through editing and refining their ideas children learn to improve their compositions to achieve a desired outcome.


  • Music is taught based on the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6 and EYFS Development Matters.
  • A carefully planned whole school curriculum, based on the ‘Model Music Curriculum‘ and using the Sing up scheme, promotes progression of Music knowledge and skills.
  • Children explore music through the following strands: musicianship, singing, listening, composing, and performing (in KS2).
  • We hold musical concerts for parents throughout the school year and give all children a chance to perform.
  • Engaging extra-curricular clubs enhance our music curriculum.
  • Children have the opportunity to have instrumental lessons with peripatetic teachers.
  • Children in Year 4 are taught to play the ukulele in whole class instrument sessions taught by music professionals.
  • All children have the chance to see live musical performances in every year group. These are planned as part of our music curriculum.
  • Music is listened to in assemblies and promotes our school values. 


  • Children will have a secure understanding of music, whilst also developing enthusiasm and a love of the subject.
  • Children will gain a unique way of communicating in creative ways.
  • Children will be able to express themselves confidently using a variety of musical instruments and songs.
  • Children’s lives and wellbeing will be enhanced through musical opportunities.