At Hempland we strive to deliver a Modern Foreign Language curriculum that promotes a curiosity and love of languages. We encourage children’s confidence through a varied French curriculum that incorporates speaking, listening, reading and writing activities with the aim of developing the language skills necessary for future application.

How Languages links with our school values

Children are taught respect for different languages, cultures and traditions.
Children have the opportunity to practise and apply language skills within the classroom, during theme days and also through the provision specialist language teaching.
Children will leave Hempland as confident language learners and with the skills they need to progress in their secondary education.
Children are encouraged to be resilient in their learning and to try their best while learning a new language.


  • MFL (French) is taught based on the National Curriculum for Years 3 to 6.
  • Children in these year groups will be taught by a specialist French teacher for part of the year and by their class teacher.
  • Children will be taught a carefully planned programme of French knowledge and skills to ensure progression and links to other subject areas where appropriate.
  • All teachers in KS2 will have CPD to enhance and develop their French teaching.
  • Speaking activities, songs and games are used to help improve recall of key words and phrases.


  • Children will be respectful of the language, cultures and traditions of other countries.
  • Children will leave Hempland with a good knowledge of the French language and the ability to communicate using the basics of the French language.
  • Children will be motivated to continue to learn vocabulary of French and other languages and be eager to speak and communicate with others.