Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. The use of carefully planned texts are the driver for our curriculum and this ensures that all children have access to high quality, relevant and engaging books that enables them to become confident, fluent and motivated readers.

How Reading links with our school values

Children will learn to respect people from different backgrounds and periods through literature.
Children have the opportunity to read a wide variety of quality texts and develop a lifelong love of reading.
Children will be inspired by a range of authors, genres and topics which will motivate them to dream big and develop high aspirations.
Children are encouraged to read challenging texts which will develop their confidence, stamina and a positive attitude towards reading.


  • We follow the National Curriculum programme of study and Development Matters in EYFS.  Our reading skills progression document and LTP of key texts ensures that the progression and challenge is appropriate.

Early Years

  • Please see the Phonics and Early Reading page for further information.

Key Stage 1

  • Children read in a small guided group with a teacher once a week.
  • Children take home an appropriate phonetically decodable book to practice their skills at home


  • All children will listen to stories and texts being read aloud daily.
  • Throughout school, carefully chosen texts are used to teach reading skills and promote reading for pleasure.
  • Class texts for each year group are displayed in each hall.
  • ‘Routes to Reading’ questions are completed each week in years 2-6.
  • Children are taught their reading skills as a whole class in Key Stage 2.
  • Children are encouraged to read at home 4 times per week and are rewarded through our ‘Book Buddies’ in Key Stage 1 and Team Points in Key Stage 2.
  • Every classroom has a dedicated book corner which has a range of age appropriate texts, book banded books and those which link to their year group curriculum.
  • Volunteers in school, including parent volunteers and students, read with targeted individual pupils.
  • Established link with the local library which includes visits in Autumn Term for all year groups – Bookstart and Summer Reading Challenge.


  • Children will become independent and fluent readers, able to read with accuracy and understanding.
  • Children will develop a lifelong enjoyment of reading.
  • Children will have the skills so that they can access the next step of their education.

Recommended Reads

We have put together a list of recommended reads for each year group.  It isn’t an exhaustive list and there may be other books that are your child or family’s favourites, but this is very much a list that we think contains some really good books that you can read with your child or that they can read alone.

Hempland Recommended Reading list EY

Hempland Recommended Reading list Y1

Hempland Recommended Reading list Y2

Hempland Recommended Reading list Y3

Hempland Recommended Reading list Y4

Hempland Recommended Reading list Y5

Hempland Recommended Reading list Y6