What Computing looks like at Hempland

  • We follow the National Curriculum in all year groups from 1 – 6.
  • Topic based, cross-curricular learning.
  • Whole School focus on programming, e-safety, multimedia, technology in our lives and handling data.
  • We use a variety of resources in order to promote a breadth of learning and understanding of diverse technologies.
  • Engaging opportunities including after school clubs, workshops and competitions.
  • We progress skills for each year group so that learning develops.

How we entwine Computing with our Hempland school values

Children learn how to use and to respect a range of different equipment and resources. Children learn to work collaboratively and to respect the views of others. The importance of e-safety and how to stay safe online is a theme which is constantly part of our curriculum.
Children have access to a range of computing equipment and have the opportunity to attend Coding and STEM extra curricular clubs. Computing workshops also take place throughout the school year, allowing the children to see ‘experts’ at work.
Children are inspired through our curriculum teaching, extra curricular clubs and workshops to realise a future as future engineers and innovators.
Children are encouraged to problem solve and develop their computational thinking. The value of ‘tinkering’ (evaluating and improving) is key.

How we know our Computing curriculum is successful

  • Children will record and monitor their learning through using Seesaw. This enables teachers to assess the progress the children are making.
  • Children will leave Hempland secure in their digital literacy and able to safely use a variety of technology.
  • Children will develop their ideas via problem solving and computational thinking, which they will be able to apply to their further education and future career in the rapidly-changing digital world.