Our art curriculum is designed to equip all children with the knowledge and skills needed to experiment and create their own works of art and design. Children create and make with imagination, control and thought and develop their skills year on year. Through learning about artists and works of art, they understand how art and design contributes to different cultures.

How Art and Design links with our school values

Children learn to respect art from different cultures and time periods, while developing a mutual respect for one another through collaboration, discussion and the sharing of their own work.
Children have the opportunity to explore, experiment and refine their skills, developing individuality and creativity.
Children are encouraged to form a love of art and design and celebrate and share their successes to a variety of audiences.
Children are encouraged to experiment with new techniques and be brave through the process of evaluating and improving their work.


  • We follow the National Curriculum programmes of study for Key Stage 1 and 2 and EYFS Development Matters for Early Years.
  • Children explore art through the following strands: Drawing, Sculpture, Printing, Painting and Collage.
  • Sketch books are used from Year 1 for children to develop their ideas, practise techniques and plan final pieces.
  • A carefully planned whole school progression of Art and Design knowledge and skills ensures that children are developing as artists.
  • Each year group will study specific artists and have the opportunity to share their work relating to those in our whole school art gallery.
  • Children’s learning is further enhanced by engaging art events and wider opportunities.


  • Children will draw, paint and make with growing confidence, control and thought.
  • Children will be confident to experiment with new skills and techniques and apply their knowledge within Art and Design.
  • Children will show personal expression and individuality within their work.