Going beyond the curriculum builds and enhances our pupils’ interests, skills and talent. There’s something for everyone in our vast range of extra-curricular clubs.

Our extra-curricular programme is a wide ranging series of clubs and activities that take place outside of the timetabled school day. Children have the opportunity to join one or more clubs and can sample many different activities ranging from Sports, Choir and Dance to Learning Foreign Languages and British Sign Language!

Here at Hempland, we believe that all children should take interests wider than their subjects and we support and encourage them in discovering new interests and talents.

Click here for the list of Extra Curricular Activities taking place during the second half of the spring term 2020.

Music Tuition

If you are interested in your child playing a musical instrument, lessons can be given in school. There is a fee for peripatetic music lessons however they are at a reasonable price and vary from instrument to instrument.

These lessons can be organised privately through the music teacher. Please find below a list of the music teachers and their contact numbers/email addresses so that you can obtain more details and/or book lessons.

Instrument Music Teacher Contact Details
Violin, Viola and Guitar Marcus Bousfield marcus.bousfield@btinternet.com
07542 566193
01757 268285
Woodwind Jess Freitas jfreitasmusic@gmail.com
enquiry @yorkmusicservice.co.uk
Keyboard and Piano Buffy Breakwell bbreakwell@hempland.pmat.academy
 Drums York Music Services
07506 178666
01904 789608
 Brass Derek Warley derek@yorkmusicservice.co.uk
 Saxophone Jonny Faull jonnyfaull@hotmail.co.uk
07814 749389