Our Curriculum Aims

Our curriculum:

  1. Enables children to be successful and achieve their full potential academically and socially.
  2. Is made up of the experiences, knowledge, skills and opportunities that inspire and support children to become successful, happy and productive.
  3. Helps children understand the role they play in the school community, local area and wider world.
  4. Offers a pathway of creative, ambitious and inclusive learning opportunities that develop the skills and knowledge essential for later life.
  5. Enables access to subject content which is relevant to developing a current understanding of the world in creative ways, through broad and balanced curriculum coverage.

How Our Curriculum is planned

We follow a long term plan, devised in school and based on the National Curriculum.   We teach topics and themes in year groups, with staff working together to plan, teach and assess these.

Whilst we do teach a range of subjects, they are not always taught in isolation.  We group key knowledge and skills in our themes and base our learning around real experiences for children – including going on trips and having visitors in school to talk to us.

Using the buttons below, you can learn more about what we teach in each year group and each subject.  Under the subject headings, there are links to some useful resources, photos and further information.

Art & Design
Design Technology


Physical Education

Year Group Information

Here you can see the curriculum for each year group term by term.

Early Years
Year One
Year Two

Year Three
Year Four
Year Five
Year Six