School Values

Our values are integral to our curriculum and are promoted explicitly and implicitly.     These values were chosen in consultation with the whole school community and form the basis of our curriculum design. Our values are promoted each week through lessons and the wider school i.e. during assemblies and children are rewarded for displaying those characteristics.

Curriculum design

We follow the National Curriculum for Year groups 1-6 and Development Matters in the Early Years.  

Our curriculum has been designed to maximise our wonderful location of York and the breadth of Geography and History knowledge that this location can inspire.  We have also ensured that our curriculum is text based and a broad range of quality texts have been chosen for every year group for every half term.  

Our Long Term Whole School curriculum plan promotes progression of knowledge and skills.  

Each subject area has a knowledge and skills progression document which ensures that learning is built upon previous learning. 

Each subject area has its own subject statement which outlines the intent, implementation and impact. Subject leaders carry out quality assurance which informs their action plan.  

Learning Environment

Our calming, neutral learning environments enhance our curriculum and support learning through consistently used working walls, displays and celebration of work and achievements. 

Our forest school is used to give children the opportunity to learn outside. 

Our vast school grounds are utilized and opportunities are planned for children to learn outdoors.